Justyce Sinclaire

Justyce Sinclaire

Justyce Sinclaire

Justyce Sinclaire is an entertainer from the Northwest Ohio area.    She is the host and emcee for the Tuesday night show at Uptown in Bowling Green and she is the Show Director at Crowbar in Sandusky.   Justyce has also been featured in Toledo at places like Caesar’s Show Bar.


Miss Queen Cities 2007

*Justyce is also a former Miss Distractions.

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Brittane Rashad

Brittane Rashad

Brittane Rashad

Brittane Rashad was an entertainer from the Cincinnati, Ohio area where she was on cast at the Dock Complex.  Brittane has also performed under the name of Brittane Diamond Simone.

In 2005, Brittane moved to New York City where she works as a flight attendant.  She has stopped performing but has made a few cameos since leaving.


Miss Pipeline 2005
(Pipleline – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Miss Platinum Gem City 2004

Miss Gay Columbus USofA 2004
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Dock (The Dock Complex – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Miss Dock is a bar title for the Dock Complex in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For more information on the Dock Complex visit their website at: http://www.thedockcomplex.com/

A special thanks goes to Jessica Dimon who helped with some of the history of this title.

Title Holders of Miss Dock

Adriana Fuentes

Adriana Fuentes – Miss Dock 2010

KiArra Cartier Fontaine

KiArra Cartier Fontaine – Miss Dock 2009


MaKayla Evans – Miss Dock 2008

Lady Jetta – Miss Dock 2007

Strawbella Beagoddess

Strawbella Beagoddess – Miss Dock 2006

Amailia Black

Amailia Black – Miss Dock 2005

Ashley Kruiz

Ashley Kruiz – Miss Dock 2004


Audra Summers – Miss Dock 2000


Samantha Rollins – Miss Dock 1992

Other Miss Dock Title Holders (Years Not Confirmed)


Monica St. James – Possibly 2003

April Reign – Possibly 2002

Jareje Rashad

Jareje Rashad – 1990’s


Ashley West – 1990’s

Caress – 1990’s

Miss Somewhere Else (Somewhere Else Nightclub & Showbar – Columbus, Ohio)

SomeWhere ElseMiss SomeWhere Else was a bar title for SomeWhere Else Nightclub and Showbar in Columbus, Ohio which was located on South High Street.  Sadly this night spot closed in late 2009.

Former Title Holders of Miss Somewhere Else

Brionna Brooks

Brionna Brooks – Miss Somewhere Else 2009

Photo by Tom McElvain (myspace.com/tgmj)

Daray Lorez – Miss Somewhere Else 2008

Erika Evans

Erika Evans – Miss Somewhere Else 2007

KiArra Cartier Fontaine

KiArra Cartier Fontaine

KiArra Cartier Fontaine – Miss Somewhere Else 2006

Tracie Lords

Tracie Lords

Tracie Lords – Miss Somewhere Else 2005

Alexis O'Hara

Alexis O’Hara – Miss Somewhere Else 2004

China White

China White

China White

China White is an entertainer from Winnipeg, Manitoba of Canada where she has been featured at places like Gio’s.


Miss Gio’s 2007
(Gio’s – Winnipeg, Manitoba)