Ciara Mist

Ciara Mist

Ciara Mist

Ciara Mist is an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio where she has been featured at places like Wall Street and Axis Night Club.   Some of those special shows that Ciara has been involved with are ‘Ciara: The Pop Princess’ at Wall Street and ‘Dragpalooza’ and ‘The Night of 100 Drag Queens’ at Axis Night Club.

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Miss Aquarius (Club Aquarius – Dayton, Ohio)

Club Aquarius

Miss Aquarius is a bar title for Club Aquarius in Dayton, Ohio.  For more information on Club Aquarius visit them at:

A special thanks to Brian Hughes for helping me gather this history!

Title Holders of Miss Aquarius

Photo by Tom McElvain

Daray Lorez – Miss Aquarius 2010

Misty Knight – Miss Aquarius 2009

Symphony Alexander-Love – Miss Aquarius 2008

Jareje Rashad

Jareje Rashad – Miss Aquarius 2007

Sadye Michaels

Sadye Michaels

Sadye Michaels

Sadye Michaels is an entertainer out of Evansville, Indiana.  Sadye is featured at places like Someplace Else in Evansville, Indiana and Equal’s Bar in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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