Bubba D Licious

Bubba D Licious

Bubba D Licious – Photo by Lou Freeman Photography

Bubba D Licious is an entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia and has been part of the Atlanta drag seen for over 20 years.  Bubba began performing on a whim after a dare. Bubba auditioned in 1989 & became a member of The Armorettes, the nationally acclaimed “Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South”. After almost 12 years with the cast, Bubba retired from the group in 2001 just before the Armory closed & the cast moved to Backstreet.

Bubba D. Licious has participated in HIV/AIDS and other fund raising events & causes that have grossed more than $4.2 million for local and national organizations & the GLBT community.


Countess of Atlanta 1994

Miss Friends Universe 1992 

Atlanta Homecoming Queen 1990

Miss Hotlanta International 1990

Miss Hotlanta Softball 1990

Miss Cypress Street 1989 

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