Alexandria Bellterra

Alexandria Bellterra

Alexandria Bellterra is an entertainer out of Dayton, Ohio where she is featured at places like Club Aquarius and Masque.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Miami Valley USofA at Large 2013
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA at Large

Miss Masque Newcomer 2013
(Masque – Dayton, Ohio)

Top 5 at Miss Masque 2012
(Masque – Dayton, Ohio)

2nd Alternate to Miss Masque Newcomer 2012
(Masque – Dayton, Ohio)

Miss Work It 2012
(Club Aquarius – Dayton, Ohio)

Winner of Season 2 of Dimons in the Rough

Alexandria on Social Media: Facebook

Some venues and events that Alexandria has been a part of include:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio Shooters
  • Dayton, Ohio — Club Aquarius – Masque
  • Lima, Ohio — Somewhere
  • Springfield, Ohio — Diesel Bar & Nightclub

2013 – 2015 Show Ads Featuring Alexandria

2017 Show Ads Featuring Alexandria

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