Roxie Hart

Roxie Hart - Photo by Carrie Strong

Roxie Hart – Photo by Carrie Strong

Roxie Hart is an entertainer currently residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where she has been a favorite in the drag scene since 2001.  She broke out into female impersonation while living in Dallas, Texas in the 1980’s and quickly rose to be a local favorite there.

With her blend of high energy dance, theatrics, orginal music mixes and fabulous costumes, she melds easily from a Broadway number to a sultry torch song. Roxie Hart has a style all her own.  She can be found performing at various clubs and special events around Oklahoma City.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay USofA 2017
Personal Interview and Talent Category Awards

Miss Gay Georgia USofA 2017
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay USofA Classic 2015

Miss Gay Southernmost USofA Classic 2015
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Classic

1st Alternate to Miss Gay USofA Classic 2013
Overall Talent Category Winner

Miss Gay Oklahoma USofA Classic 2013
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Classic

Top 10 at Miss Gay America 2012

Miss Gay Oklahoma America 2011
Prelim to Miss Gay America

National Entertainer of the Year, F.I. 2000

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Some venues and events that Roxie has been a part of include:



  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Boom

Roxie and Friends

2015 Show Ads Featuring Roxie

 2016 – 2017 Show Ads Featuring Roxie

2018 Show Ads Featuring Roxie

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