In Loving Memory of Naomi Sims

Naomi Sims
Naomi Sims

In Loving Memory of Naomi Sims
March 19, 1953 – November 10, 1992

Naomi was one of the top entertainers of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.  She was part of a drag group in the 1980’s called ‘The Fabulous Four’ which also featured Hot Chocolate, Donna Day, and Mr. Tiffany Jones.  Tasha Kohl later joined the group which performed at places like the Million Dollar Dump and the world famous Copa in Houston, Beaumont and San Antonio.

Naomi, who was known as the “Eyes of Texas, was also remembered for her dancing and poise.  Friends and fans of this diva remember her amazing performances on and off of the stage

As a former Miss Gay America, Naomi’s legacy is still remembered today as the “Naomi Sims Solo Talent Award” is given out at each year’s pageant to the contestant with the highest score in solo talent.  This is a testament to the true talents of an amazing entertainer.


National Entertainer of the Year, F.I. 1985

Miss Gay America 1985

Female Impersonator of the Year Emeritus (early 80’s)
Shamrock Hilton Hotel – Houston, TX

Miss Gay USA 1979

Miss Gay Texas America 1976
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Naomi Sims and Friends

1980 Show Ad Featuring Naomi

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