Valerie Paris

Valerie Paris

Valerie Paris

Valerie Paris is an entertainer currently residing in McAllen, Texas.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Texas USofA at Large 2012
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA at Large

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Some venues and events that Valerie has been a part of include:

2017 – 2018 Show Ads Featuring Valerie

  1. Just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite performers, you put one hell of a show girl. I’ve seen so many drag shows all over the U.S. and Mexico and girl your one in a milion. Your style of music is just out of this world and no to mention your make-up girl very Futuristic and love your sense of Humor too .Many Hugs and kisses and keep up the good shows. If you haven’t seen her I feel that you should………..see what I’m talking about. avj