Freesia Balls

Freesia Balls
Freesia Balls

Freesia Balls is an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio and has been featured at places like Union and Axis Night Club.  Freesia has also been part of the cast on several production shows like: Two Peas in a Pod, Love, Miss Peppermint Stick Ohio, Trans-Formers, Nina! Glam Clam, Nina! Heels of Horror : A Nightmare on High Street, Virginia’s Beach Party, Nina West’s Playhouse and Stadium Virginium.

Titles and Awards

Miss Axis 2013
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Havana 2008
(Havana Video & Lounge – Columbus, Ohio)

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Some venues and events that Freesia has been a part of include:

Freesia and Friends

2008 – 2017 Show Ads Featuring Freesia

Archives Featuring Freesia Balls

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