Constence Pain

Constence Pain

Constence Pain

Constence Pain is an entertainer from the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio area where she has been featured at places like Celebrity, Club Masque, Aquarius, Jacob’s, Gold Lions, Pipeline, and the Dock Complex.  She got her start performing at Shooter’s in Cincinnati in March of 2004.

Titles and Awards

2nd Alternate to Miss Gay Dayton USofA 2006
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA

Miss Magical Makeover 2004

Constence on Social Media: Myspace

Some venues and events that Constence has been a part of include:


  1. This girl has the most beautiful eyes and warm smile. Simply naturally beautiful. Perfect example of beauty. I hope to catch her performance next time I am close to Ohio.

    Hell……. I wanna be the father of her kids after we get married! 😛

    Much love and happiness! :o)