Jada Fenix-Lorez

Jada Fenix-Lorez

Jada Fenix-Lorez

Jada Fenix-Lorez is an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Michigan USofA Newcomer 2016
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Newcomer

Miss Platinum Gem City Newcomer 2015

Miss Toolbox 2015
(Toolbox Saloon – Columbus, Ohio)

1st Alternate to Miss Masque Newcomer 2015
Overall Creative Evening Wear and Talent Category Winner
(Masque Night Club – Dayton, Ohio)

Jada on Social Media: Facebook

Some venues and events that Jada has been a part of include:

  • Columbus, Ohio — Axis Night Club – Highball Tavern – Southbend Tavern – Toolbox Saloon
  • Dayton, Ohio — Masque
  • Springfield, Ohio — Diesel Bar & Nightclub

2014 – 2016 Show Ads Featuring Jada

2017 Show Ad Featuring Jada

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