Candi Stratton

Candi Stratton

Candi Stratton is an entertainer who has lived and traveled all around the world. Some of these hot spots include Melbourne, Australia; Bangkok, Thailand and Chicago, Illinois.

Known for putting on amazing shows, Candi is especially known for her impersonation of Cher and Anastacia. Every person who has came into contact with Candi comments on her down to earth nature and friendly approach to those she meets.

Over the years Candi has won over 40 titles and with her most recent accomplishment being Miss All American Goddess.  In April of 2009, Candi moved to Minneapolis, MN where she was on cast at the Gay 90’s.   Afterwards she went on tour across the US.

Titles and Awards

All American Goddess 2009

Diamond All American Goddess 2009
Prelim to All American Goddess

Miss Brickhouse 2009

Miss Gay Universe 2007

2nd Alternate to Miss Universal Show Queen 2005

Miss Winterdaze 2004

DIVA of the Year Melbourne 2004

Miss West Virginia 1989

Miss 219 1989

Miss Tri States 1989

1st Alternate to Miss Gay USofA 1989
Talent Category Award

2nd Alternate to Miss Gay USofA 1988

Miss Gay Alabama USofA 1988
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay South 1988

Miss Mobile Alabama 1988

Miss Continental Deep South 1988

Miss Florida Space Coast 1987

Miss Northern Florida 1987

2nd Alternate to Miss Florida 1986

Miss Magic City 1986

Miss South Florida 1986

Miss Tampa Bay 1986

Miss Southern Nights 1986

1st Alternate to Miss Continental 1985

Miss Indiana Continental 1985
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss La-Cage 1985

Miss Old Plantation 1984

3rd Alternate to Miss Continental 1984

Miss Wisconsin Continental 1984
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Club 21 1984

3rd Alternate to Miss Gay America 1984

1st Alternate to Miss Illinois America 1983
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Some venues and events that Candi has been a part of include:



  • Louisville, Kentucky — Play


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