Tommie Ross

Tommie Ross - Photo by Tios Photography
Tommie Ross – Photo by Tios Photography

Tommie Ross is known as a living legend to many in the drag community.  Based out of Texas, this amazing and talented lady has performed all over the US.

Titles and Awards

Illinois All American Goddess 2011
Prelim to All American Goddess
Overall Interview, Talent, Gown, Q&A, and Presentation Category Winner
(Circuit Night Club – Chicago, Illinois)

Miss Black America 2004

Miss Continental 1999

Miss Texas Continental 1999
Prelim to Miss Continental

4th Alternate to Miss Continental 1996

Miss Florida Continental 1996
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss National 1994
(Overall Talent Winner)

Miss Gay USofA 1988
Talent, Sportswear and Evening Gown Category Awards

Miss Gay Texas USofA 1988
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

*Tommie is also a former Miss Gay Houston America.

Some venues and events that Tommie has been a part of include:

Tommie Ross and Friends

2006 – 2017 Show Ads Featuring Tommie

2018 Show Ads Featuring Tommie

  1. Will this woman ever age. I know old gays that remember her from the late 70’s early 80’s and say she still looks the same. Old friends of mine tell me they first remember her at “THe Barn ” and the Copa here in Houston texas back in the early 1980’s. and that she still looks the same. She has never had any CRAZY plastic surgery. she doesnt have that funny injected/injectables look to her face. A GODDESS. Miss Ross is a GODDESS, LEGEND, and a stellar reputation. Those lucky enough to call her a personal friend are blessed to have a friend like Tommie Ross. She is one of those you call a living legend. . Her Diana Ross impersonations are the best in the business. No joke. The best Diana Ross impersonation out there in the world! This statement is not an exaggeration. This woman is perfection. I have never read, seen, or heard anything negative about this lovely creature who walks the earth, known as Tommie Ross. That is unheard of today in the artform of female impersonation. Miss ROss is among the handful of Goddess’ that have won every pageant. She is a former Miss Continental (a must see dvd if you havent already), a former miss usofa, a former miss globe, former miss national, miss black america, and many many more, to many to list! If you have never seen this lovely person perform on stage as Diana Ross, get out to her next show and see it! There is an effortless, magical, aura when she is on stage. . This business is like a sea of sharks, and she is definitely a pearl. I would love for her to throw her hat into the motion picture business. She would be awesome on the big screen. Thank you Miss Tommie Ross, for your contributions to the artform and craft of female impersonation. Michael de los Santos, Houston Tx