Sable Chanel - Photo by David Jones

Sable Chanel – Photo by David Jones

Sable Chanel was an entertainer based out of Tennessee.  Sable retired in 2005 and currently resides in Johnson City with her partner of 25 years.    Recognized as a true professional, Sable was one of the few female impersonators who made  a living totally from performing.   She performed 325 days of her years reign as Miss Gay USofA.  In her 20 year career, Sable worked in 27 states and drove over 1 million miles for performances.   She was known for her beauty, body, costumes and dance performances.


Miss Gay USofA 1991

Miss Gay Tennessee USA 1991
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay Miami 1991

Miss Gay Atlanta 1991

Miss Georgia Continental 1990
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss South Carolina USA 1990

Miss Gay Charleston USA 1990

Miss Nashville USA 1990

Miss Knoxville 1987

Miss Gay Tri-Cities 1987
(New Beginnings – Johnson City, TN)

Winter Wonderland Entertainer of the Year 1986

Miss Gay East Tennessee 1986
(New Beginnings – Johnson City, Tennessee)

Miss Valentine 1986

Sable Chanel and Friends

  1. A true Icon and my personal inspiration. There is not a entertainer today to match what she provided her fans and audience’s!

  2. I am a person from your past , i went with your sister to see your show when i was younger. Just wondering how you and your sisters doing,not a day goes buy that i dont think about what could have been if i could have found a job in Kingspot Tn.I would like to hear back from you if anything just to know Hopie is doing fine. thanks for your time. Douglas Green

  3. I was so happy to read this and see these BEAUTIFUL photographs! Unfortunately, I was never able to see Sable Chanel perform, BUT I when I hear the name Sable Chanel I hear LEGEND. I want to see this made more aware!

  4. i see you r show in winston salem you very pretty girl beutyfull
    i miss seen you here nc

  5. Thank u to all of you that have left such nice complimentary comments. I is nice to hear that i made a positive impact on the Drag business. And that i left my fans with fond memories of days gone by.