Miss Gay Ohio

Miss Gay Ohio Titleholders

Miss Gay Ohio Titleholders

Prelims to Miss Gay Ohio

Miss Gay Ohio History

Miss Gay Ohio 2018

Categories and Awards

Other Awards

  • Preliminary of the Year – ToJo Productions
  • Promoter of the Year – Nick Anthony
  • Legacy Award – Shirl Stoney

Qualified Contestants for Miss Gay Ohio 2018

Miss Gay Capital City Ohio
Winner – Tina Hightower
Miss Gay Columbus Ohio
Winner – Jessica Love
1st Alternate – Miranda Michaels ^
Miss Gay Gem City Ohio
Winner – Vivika Hart
1st Alternate – Elegance Black Lourdes
Miss Gay Icon Ohio
Winner – Angel D. Karmichael
Miss Gay Miami Valley Ohio
Winner – Tori Daniels
1st Alternate – Sheridan Steele
2nd Alternate – Baby Girl ^
Miss Gay Paramount Ohio
Winner – Mikayla Denise
1st Alternate – Karina Phoenix
Miss Gay Toledo Ohio
Winner – Sasha F. Mizrahe ^

^ Didn’t go to state.

Miss Gay Ohio 2017

Categories and Awards:

Contestant List:

  1. Desiree Monroe
  2. Sheridan Steele
  3. Scarlett Fever
  4. London Desmond Asia
  5. Tina Hightower
  6. Ava Aurora Foxx
  7. Miley Justice
  8. Brooklyn Starr

Miss Gay Ohio 2016

Top 5:

Contestant List:

  1. Britney Blaire
  2. Scarlett Fever
  3. Mirelle Jane Divine
  4. Miranda Michaels
  5. Boston Raye Michaels
  6. Foxxie Lane
  7. Kataleya
  8. Miley Justice
Show Ad | Miss Gay Ohio | Axis Night Club (Columbus, Oho) | 4/2-4/3/2016

Show Ad | Miss Gay Ohio | Axis Night Club (Columbus, Oho) | 4/2-4/3/2016

Miss Gay Ohio 2015

Miss Gay Ohio 2014

Hope Sexton appointed as Emeritus.

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