Christopher Iman

Christopher Iman - Photo by Kendoll Mix
Christopher Iman – Photo by Kendoll Mix

Christopher Iman is an entertainer out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Titles and Awards

National Showman 2018

Mr. Wessland 2017

Mr. Sweetheart International 2015

Mr. Great Lakes Entertainer of the Year 2015
Prelim to National Mr. Entertainer of the Year

Mr. Gay USofA 2013
Tied for Interview Category

Mr. Gay Southern States USofA 2013
Prelim to Mr. Gay USofA

Mr. Continental 2010

Mr. Online Fantasy 2009

Mr. National Icon 2008

Mr. Duval 2003

Christopher Iman: Captured Moments

Christopher Iman: Performance History

Some venues and events that Christopher has been a part of include:


  • Orlando, Florida — Parliament House


  • Chicago, Illinois — Baton Show Lounge

New York

  • New York, New York — XL



  • Dallas, Texas — Round-Up Saloon

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