Mykul Jay Valentine

Mykul Jay Valentine
Mykul Jay Valentine

Mykul Jay Valentine is an entertainer from Louisville, Kentucky.

Titles and Awards

Midwest All American Gent 2019
Prelim to All American Gent

Mr. Gay Muncie 2019

Mr. Renaissance 2018

National Don’t H8 Hall of Fame 2018

3rd Alternate to Mr. Gay America 2017

Mr. Work It 2017

Mr. Northern Kentucky 2016

Mr. Continental 2016

Mr. Play 2016
(Play – Louisville, Kentucky)

Mr. New York Continental 2015
Prelim to Mr. Continental
(Stonewall – New York City, New York)

Mr. Dock 2015
(Dock Complex – Cincinnati, Ohio)

National Mr. Don’t H8 2014

1st Alternate to Mr. Continental 2014

Mr. Indiana Continental 2014
Prelim to Mr. Continental

Mr. Galaxy Panache 2014

Mr. Online Fantasy 2013

Mr. Powerdiva 2013

Mr. Don’t H8 FAME 2013
Prelim to National Mr. Don’t H8

Mister Holiday 2013

1st Alternate to Mr. Gay USofA 2013
Overall Talent Category Winner

Mr. Gay North Carolina USofA 2013
Prelim to Mr. Gay USofA

National Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2011

Mr. Kentucky Entertainer of the Year 2010
Prelim to National Mr. Entertainer of the Year

Mr. Stonewall 2010
(Stonewall Club – Huntington, West Virginia)

Mr. Heart of America Continental 2009
Prelim to Mr. Continental

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Mykul Jay Valentine: Performance History

Some venues and events that Mykul has been a part of include:



  • Tampa, Florida — Honey Pot


  • Chicago, Illinois — Baton Show Lounge



  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Belle’s Basix


  • Louisville, Kentucky — The Connection Theatre – Play



  • St. Louis, Missouri — Attitudes Nightclub

New York

  • New York, New York — XL



  • Knoxville, Tennessee — The Edge


  • Houston, Texas — South Beach Night Club

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