In Loving Memory of Michelle St. James

Michelle St. James

Michelle St. James

Michelle St. James was the illusion of Michael Canterbury and had been an entertainer for more than 34 years.  Based out of South Charleston, West Virginia, she had held 135 titles over the years.  Michelle sadly passed away in January of 2017.

Titles and Awards

Miss Driftwood 2002

*Michelle was also a former Miss Leather International and Miss West Virginia Pride.

Michelle on Social Media: Facebook

Some venues and events that Michelle had been a part of include:

2011 – 2016 Show Ads Featuring Michelle


  1. Michelle (Michael) was a tough kid with a soft heart…..if you were her friend, you knew it. I loved her. I respected her. I miss you Mz. Michelle St. James! Ill never forget you. Walk with our Savior and laugh forever. ❤

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