Amailia Black

Amailia Black

Amailia Black is an entertainer currently living in Chicago, Illinois but has also lived and performed in Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Top 12 at Miss Continental Plus 2016

Miss Dream Girl Continental Plus 2016
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss Atlanta Devine Continental Plus 2009
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss Adonis 2009
(Adonis Night Club – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Miss Southbend 2010
(Southbend Tavern – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Axis 2009
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Black National 2008

Miss Virginia Icon Continental Plus 2007
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss Universo Latina USA Plus 2006

Miss Global International Diva 2005

Miss Great Lakes International 2005

Miss Dock 2005
(The Dock Complex – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Miss Platinum Gem City 2005

4th Alternate to Miss Continental 2001

3rd Alternate to Miss Continental 2000

Some venues and events that Amailia has been a part of include:



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Amailia and Friends

2015 – 2016 Show Ads Featuring Amailia


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