Peach Melba

Peach Melba

Peach Melba was a well loved entertainer out of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Sadly Peach is no longer with us but all those that knew her will remember her fondly and all that she gave to the community.  She was big supporter of Miss Gay Arkansas America pageantry and was a top 10 finalist at Miss Gay America.


Miss Gay Arkansas America 1986
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Miss Gay Arkansas Newcomer 1984

Peach Melba and Friends

  1. Hey Peach,
    This brings back such wonderful memories. One I remember the best is you painted my face in Brandy Alexders bathroom, and OMG brandy said “if she say’s to hold on to something look out”. Well that queen knew exactly what she was talking about. Peach said hold on girl and started beating my face with a powder puff, but it’s like she was beating me to death “dang”lol. When she got through it was like glass it was so smooth, and she ran around in those dang converse tennis shoes as Tim. Oh she also put surgical tape and pulled the eyes back and have never seen that since. The most favorite number I ever saw her do was “Tina Maries-Out on a Limb”. She would twirl and use those arms and extend them till you would think they were a limb on a tree lol. Then she would twirl till the edge of the stage and she would give you illusion she was going to fall off but she would pull back and smile. I miss those grins so much!!! I LOVE YA PEACH
    Lacreasia De’Vane aka Garry Floyd