Donna Day in 1999

Donna Day in 1999

Donna Day was a popular and very loved entertainer from Texas.

Below is Donna’s Obituary from Funeral Program:

Donald G. Shelton aka Donna Day –  1/5/42-1/6/03

Donald George Shelton was born January 5, 1942 in Louisiana and as a young child moved to San Antonio, Texas. After serving in the Navy, Donald Shelton returned to Texas and began his career as female impersonator, Donna Day.

Donna’s career would then take him through the next 30 years entertaining crowds of people across the nation. Donna began working in Houston’s “The Copa” where she was part of the dynamic Fabulous Four. The Fabulous Four included Tiffany Jones, Naomi Simms, Hot Chocolate and of course, Donna Day. They were an instant success and began booking across Texas. With the death of Tiffany Jones, Tasha Kohl replaced her and the Fabulous Four was now bigger than ever establishing Donna Day as an emcee, a comic, and a dramatic and versatile entertainer. Donna began competing and winning state, regional, and national titles such as Miss Gay Texas America 1977, Texas Entertainer of the Year, Miss Gay Dallas USofA at Large, First Alternate to Miss Gay USofA at Large 1989, and Miss Universe at Large 1989 just to name a few.

Donna’s Long time friend Paul Lewis moved her to Dallas, Texas in 1983 where she would begin her next 20 years working for Caven Enterprises where she would be known and loved as the Legendary Queen of the Rose Room.

Donna could certainly thrill, chill, read and entertain an audience. Her sharp wit and shark bite was often misunderstood but some things were certain, she loved her audience, her cigarettes, and for a while, her Cuervo which led to her notorious run through the Blockbuster Video.

At Christmas, Donna transformed herself into Santa Clause coming into work with bags and bags of wrapped gifts for all her co-workers. Donna’s heart was most certainly made of gold, it was just wrapped in barbed-wire. She was a tireless fundraiser and supporter of charity work. She never said “No.” The Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade will miss the echoes of her voice on the microphone on the Caven Float saying “Everybody Say Hey! Everybody Say Ho! Everybody Say HEY HO!”
Donna was the last of her family; however she leaves behind her extended family, Cassie, Celeste, Maya, Kelexis, Krystal, Valerie, Whitney, Chris, Richard and all the staff of the Village Station and the Rose Room. A 30 year old friendship with Paul Lewis was most treasured as was their yearly January trip to Las Vegas which included John Paul Maness and Kathy Jack.

You can measure the success of one man’s life by the amount of love he left behind. Donna touched the hearts of so many across America. From San Diego to Atlanta and from New York to Hawaii, the e-mails and calls pour in. Donna set the standard and laid the groundwork for future female impersonators and created an appreciation for the art form which will always be praised and respected.
As Donna begins her new journey, we can rest assured that she is reunited with Naomi, Tiffany, Amazing Grace and unfortunately so many others putting on the most incredible shows. We just hope she didn’t forget her teeth.


1st Alternate to Miss Gay Mid America 1995
Prelim to Miss Gay America

1st Alternate to Miss Gay USofA at Large 1989

Miss Gay Texas USofA at Large 1989
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA at Large

Miss Universe at Large 1989

Miss Gay Black Texas 1980
(The Cove Disco – Houston, Texas)

Miss Gay Texas America 1977
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Texas Entertainer of the Year, F.I.
Prelim to National Entertainer of the Year, F.I.

Miss Gay Dallas USofA @ Large
Prelim to Miss Gay Texas USofA @ Large

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  1. I was DJ at the Copa in Houston for many years, and worked with Donna. She was great to work with, and absolutely one of the BEST, and will be very very missed. RIP Donna. Ric.

  2. For those of us who knew Donna outside of performing knew how truly big her heart was. She emceed a Mardi Gras party in Houston in the 80’s where my idol Grace Jones performed. There were 2 artist that hand painted t-shirts to sell but only signed 2 of them. Miss Grace and Donna Day received the two. Donna presented me with her t-shirt and told me that she didn’t think anyone else was more deserving of this t-shirt than i. since Grace Jones was my main character to impersonate. Afterwards she and i went out one evening and shall i say we celebrated by polishing off 2 1/2 bottles of Cuervo. Needless to say we felt it the next day at rehearsal and later laughed our butts off . She will always be in my heart and shall be forever missed!!!! RIP Donna !!!!

  3. One of my dear friends. I still miss her tihis day. We used to have so much fun performing female/male duets together (made lots of money too.)

    No disrespect intended towards the awesome entertainers employed today, but the Rose Room just ihas never been the same without Donna. Love you and miss you, friend. ❤