Teri Lynn Lovo

Teri Lynn Lovo - Photo by Peephole Images
Teri Lynn Lovo – Photo by Peephole Images

Titles and Awards

Miss National Don’t H8 ICON 2021

2020 Don’t H8 Presidential Hall of Champion Recipient

2020 Don’t H8 Lifetime Achievement Award

Queen of the Loft 2017
(Loft in Olios – Gastonia, North Carolina)

Miss Zoe’s 2017
(Zoe’s Coffee House & Lounge – Gastonia, North Carolina)

National Don’t H8 Hall of Fame 2016

Buzzfeed.com East Coast Power Couple 2016
with Chip Matthews

Queen of Don’t H8 2015 – 2016

Miss South East Regional 2016

Miss Unlimited Lipstick 2016

2016 Don’t H8 Legend Award

National Miss Don’t H8 2016

Archives Featuring Teri Lynn Lovo

Teri Lynn Lovo: Performance History

Some venues and events that Teri has been a part of include:

North Carolina


South Carolina

  • Spartanburg, South Carolina — South 29