Valerie Luster

Valerie Luster

Valerie Luster is an entertainer from Columbus, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Capital City America 2000
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America

Miss Remo’s 1997
(Remo’s – Columbus, Ohio)

Valerie Luster: Captured Moments

Valerie Luster: Performance History

Some venues and events that Valerie has been a part of include:

  • Columbus, Ohio — Remo’s – SomeWhere Else Nightclub and Showbar – Toolbox Saloon
  1. I LOVE Valerie Luster! A GREAT friend and a GREAT entertainer! She performed as a host of one of my biggest shows at O’Zone Nightclub in Miami for years! Super Great host and entertainer and friend!!! XO Valerie!