Christina Collins

Christina Collins

Christina Collins is an entertainer who started performing in Detroit, Michigan in 1981 and performed in the surrounding states and Canada.  She relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1986  where she stayed through 1987.  From 1988 to 1990, Christina lived and performed in Washington, D.C. area.  By the 1990’s, she was living and performing in Florida (primarily in the  Orlando, Daytona and Jacksonville areas).  Though she wasn’t really in the pageant circuit, she did capture some titles through her time on the stage.

Now retired from performing since 1996, Christina is still involved and engaged in our community by sharing beloved memories from those she worked with over the years.

Titles and Awards

Miss Oklahoma Nightlife 1986

2nd Alternate to Miss Leather International 1985

Miss Ruby’s Flaming Star 1984
(Ruby’s Flaming Star – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Club Incognito 1983
(Club Icognito – Detroit, Michigan)

2nd Alternate to Miss Leather International 1983

Miss Amateur Gold Coast Saloon 1982
(Gold Coast Saloon – Detroit, Michigan)

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