Devinity is an entertainer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

1st Alternate to Miss Ohio F.I. 2019

Miss Ohio All-Star 2019

Miss Great Lakes Gay Pride 2015
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Addicted to Glamour 2013
(Bounce Night Club – Cleveland, Ohio)

1st Alternate to Miss Bounce 2013
(Bounce Night Club – Cleveland, Ohio)

Miss Tri State Continental Plus 2010
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus
(Bounce – Cleveland, Ohio)

Miss Gay Black Ohio 2009

Miss Bounce Night Club 2009
(Bounce Night Club – Cleveland, Ohio)

Miss Gay Akron 2008

Miss Cleveland Entertainer of the Year 2008

Miss Cleveland Illusion 2008

Miss Cleveland Gay Pride 2008
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Metropolitan Gay Pride 2007
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Hott International 2005

*Devinity is also a former Miss Ohio Continental Plus, Miss Gay Black New York, Miss Ohio Essence, Miss Extravaganza Plus, Miss America’s Best TS, Miss Gay Tompkins County, Miss Canada Continental Plus, Miss Canada International, Miss Addicted to Glamour at Large, Miss Hot International, Miss Columbus Gem City, Miss Cincinnati Diva, Miss Youngstown USofA at Large, Miss Great Lakes USofA at Large and Miss Great Lakes Big & Beautiful.

Devinity: Performance History

Some venues and events that Devinity has been a part of include:

  • Akron, Ohio — Interbelt Nite Club
  • Cleveland, Ohio — Bounce Night Club
  • Lakewood, Ohio — Bottoms Up Night Club

Devinity: Links

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