Rosalyn Delite
Rosalyn Delite

Rosalyn Delite was the illusion of Brian Benton and was an entertainer out of Detroit, Michigan.

Sadly, Rosalyn passed away on April 20th, 2015. Rosalyn, affectionately called “Rosie” by some, will be remembered for her energetic performances and her engagement with others. Her nature was described as loving and compassionate and and she was said to have a wicked sense of of humor as well as style. We salute the artistry of Rosalyn Delite.

Titles and Awards

Miss Club Gold Coast 1995
(Club Gold Coast – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Gigi’s 1985
(Gigi’s Cabaret – Detroit, Michigan)

A celebration of life for Brian Benton/Rosalyn Delite was held on July 19th, 2015 at Gigi’s in Detroit, Michigan.

Ad | Celebration of Life for Brian Benton/Rosalyn Delite | Gigi's (Detroit, Michigan) | 7/19/2015
Ad | Celebration of Life for Brian Benton/Rosalyn Delite | Gigi’s (Detroit, Michigan) | 7/19/2015

Rosalyn Delite: Performance History

Some venues and events that Rosalyn has been a part of include:

  • Detroit, Michigan — Club Gold Coast – Gigi’s

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