Amaya Sexton
Amaya Sexton

Amaya Sexton is an entertainer from Dayton, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Dayton’s Best Drag Queen 2019
Dayton.com’s Best of Dayton Contest

Miss Lexington Pride 2019

Miss Gay Kalamazoo 2019

Miss Lexington 2018

Miss Masque 2018
(Masque – Dayton, Ohio)

Miss Evansville All Around Entertainer 2017

Miss Southbend 2017
(Southbend Tavern – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Gay Lexington 2017

2nd Alternate to Miss Tri-State All-Star 2017

Miss Someplace Else 2016

Miss Northern Kentucky 2016

Miss Bar Complex 2015
(The Bar Complex – Lexington, Kentucky)

Miss Gay Ohio USofA 2015
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA
(Masque Night Club – Dayton, Ohio)

Miss Interbelt 2014
(Interbelt Nite Club – Akron, Ohio)

2nd Alternate to Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2014
Alexis O’Hara Pride in Presentation Award
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss After Dark 2014
(After Dark Nightclub – Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Miss Bretz 2014
(Bretz – Toledo, Ohio)

1st Alternate to Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2013
Overall Talent, Creative Evening Wear and On Stage Question Category Winner
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Dayton Gay Pride 2012
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Axis 2012
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Old Street 2011
(Old Street Saloon – Monroe, Ohio)

Kentucky All American Goddess 2010
Prelim to All American Goddess
(The Bar Complex – Lexington, Kentucky)

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Ohio USofA 2010
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Gay Dayton USofA 2010
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA

Miss Platinum Gem City Newcomer 2009
(Club Aquarius – Dayton, Ohio)

Miss Rising Starr Newcomer 2009

Miss Dock Newcomer 2009
(Dock Complex – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Miss Strap on Your Pumps 2008

Amaya Sexton: Captured Moments

Amaya Sexton: Performance History

Some venues and events that Amaya has been a part of include:


  • Long Beach, California — Executive Suites


  • Chicago, Illinois — Charlie’s – Hamburger Mary’s – Progress Bar
  • Springfield, Illinois — Club Diesel


  • Evansville, Indiana — SomePlace Else Nightclub
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana — After Dark
  • Terre Haute, Indiana — Zim Marss


  • Des Moines, Iowa — The Garden


  • Lexington, Kentucky – Bar Complex


  • Las Vegas, Nevada — Piranha Nightclub


  • Akron, Ohio — Adams Street – Interbelt Nite Club
  • Cincinnati, Ohio — Club Nonta – Dock Complex
  • Columbus, Ohio — Axis Night Club – Back Door – Southbend Tavern – Toolbox Saloon – Union Cafe – Wall Street Night Club
  • Dayton, Ohio — Club Aquarius – Masque
  • Lima, Ohio — Somewhere
  • Mansfield, Ohio — Sami’s
  • Monroe, Ohio — Old Street Saloon
  • Toledo, Ohio Bretz Nightclub


  • Cookeville, Tennessee — Road House

Amaya Sexton: Links

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