Ca’rrione Armani’ Synclaire

Ca’rrione Armani’ Synclaire

Ca’rrione Armani’ Synclaire has lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Louisiana where she was on cast at Splash Bar in Baton Rouge.

“Ca’rrione was created out of an abusive relationship back in the early 90’s. However, everyone knows that for every bad situation in the world there is a good one to counteract it, thus is the origin of Ca’rrione. From the very start, Ca’rrione has been touching lives and planting seeds in everyone she meets whether it be with her charming personality, her breath-taking beauty, her stellar performances or her southern belle mentality. She is known by thousands, loved by hundreds and hated by a few. Years have passed and she can still be seen throughout the city, state and the world reaching out and giving back to the community that has made her a legend. There have been some in the past, a few in the present, and possibly some will come in the future but there is only one Ca’rrione Armani’ Synclaire……often imitated, sometimes duplicated but never ever replicated.” — Bio from Splash Bar – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Gulf Coast America 1998
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Miss Gay Louisiana America 1997
Prelim to Miss Gay America

*Ca’rrione is a former Miss AKA Sexy, Miss Baton Rouge Apollo,  Miss Baton Rouge Entertainer of the Year, Miss Club Hide-A-Way, Miss Club Scandalous, Miss Club Unique, Miss Cover Girl, Miss Gay Baton Rouge USofA, Miss Gay Dixieland USofA, Miss Gay Louisiana National, Miss Gay Louisiana USofA, Miss Gay Monroe America, Miss Gay Universe, Miss Grand Diva of the South, Miss Louisiana Galaxy, Miss Mirror Lounge, Miss Mississippi Female Impersonator of the Year, Miss Mississippi Sweetheart,  Miss Pelican State, Miss Rouge Room, Miss Tennessee Universe and Miss Touch of Class.

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