Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio)

Cavan Irish Pub is located at 1409 S. High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

The location was previously home to two other gay establishments in the Columbus community called Remo’s and Woofs.

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Entertainers Featured at Cavan Irish Pub

Apollo SummersAshley Austin Ferrah – Ava Aurora FoxxDaray LorezGrayson Knight-Lites – Helena TroyHellin BeddJennifer Lynn AliJohnny Dangerously – Mary NolanMissy MarloMr. Pottymouth – Nikole TraderReianna AliSamantha Rollins – Selena T. West – Silver Uzumaki – Sofonda Lee Jameson – Soy Queen – Valerie Taylor – Vivi Velure – Vivian Von Brokenhymen

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