Samantha Rollins
Samantha Rollins

Samantha Rollins is from Columbus, Ohio but has also called Dayton, Ohio home.  She performs all over and can be seen in countless venues throughout Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Columbus America 2005
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America
(Wallstreet Nightclub – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Beautiful 2004-2005
(The Dock Complex – Cincinnati, OH)

Miss Ohio National 2002
Prelim to Miss National
(Celebrity – Dayton, OH)

Miss Gutter Slut 2002
(Celebrity – Dayton, OH)

Miss Gay Ohio USofA 2001
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA
(Celebrity – Dayton, OH)

Miss Gay Dayton USofA 2001
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA
(Celebrity – Dayton, OH)

Miss Gem City 1998
(Celebrity – Dayton, OH)

Miss Jessie’s Celebrity 1997
(Jessie’s Celebrity – Dayton, OH)

Miss Ohio Continental 1994
Prelim to Miss Continental
(The Dock Complex – Cincinnati, OH)

Miss Dock 1992
(The Dock Complex – Cincinnati, OH)

Miss Grotto 1982
(Grotto – Columbus, OH)

Miss Columbus 1982
(The Ruby Slipper – Columbus, OH)

*Other titles include (years unconfirmed): Miss Gay Akron America, Miss Gay Springfield America, Miss Gay Dayton America, Miss Cleveland USofA, Miss Pipeline (Pipeline – Cincinnati, OH), Miss Ballpark, Miss Chasers, Miss Copa, Miss Mardi Gras, Ohio Entertainer of the Year, F.I. (twice), Miss April Showers, Miss Halloween (Eagle – Columbus, OH), Miss Subway, Miss Celebrity Look-A-Like (Celebrity – Dayton, OH).

Samantha Rollins: Captured Moments

Samantha Rollins: Performance History

Some venues and events that Samantha has been a part of include:

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