Our Community Roots launched in November of 2014 and aims to shine a line on the LGBTQ community.  The site is a continuation of the work created in 2003 with queermagnet.com.   Here you will find archives, photos, profiles and features on the people, important causes and places in our community.

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  1. I just want to say thank you for having me on your website… ^_^

    take care..

  2. Hey NIck, hope all is well and Im glad to be apart of youe website!!!

  3. I am launching a new online and in print magazine this sept . called Glitter Dragazine . following this meassage is the press release for it . I think it would be something you would be interested in seeing . And maybe working with if not becoming a part of …check it out and the actuall website will be up sept. 1st but it links you to my current page for the Glitter dragazine . I hope you enjoy !

    Hugs Stiletto Actite :Contact: Dwight Nix
    110 west 6th street #126
    Long beach, ca. 90802 562-259-8381
    Press Release
    New magazine Publication coming out online sept. 1st, 2009. Glitter Dragazine, an online magazine geared towards Drag queens, Female Impersonators, Transsexuals, Transgender and Cross Dressers. Bringing sisterhood and unity one issue at a time!
    “Bringing out the diva in us all! One issue at a time!” says editor Stella Actite aka Dwight Nix “We are aiming to give the Diva’s out there a sort of Good Housekeeping Magazine of their own!”
    Long beach , ca. http://www.stellaactite.org is releasing the first issue of Glitter Dragazine , at first online and later to be in print this free publication about and for the southern California Transgender , drag queen , Female impersonators , transsexual , and Cross dressers . It will have feature articles spotlighting individuals; make up tips and fashion news, a Who’s Who locally, and many more fabulous items. As well as the Glitter Dragafieds, a classified ads listing place specially designed for their items. http://www.stellaactite.org/glitterdragazine has a little bit for everyone. The goal is to give the community a one stop information spot for all their needs.

    For more information contact: Dwight Nix or Stella Actite at Stella@stellaactite.org or glitterdragazine@stellaactite.org or 562-259-8381
    Or check us out on the web at http://www.stellaactite.org/glitterdragazine
    Or for advertising opportunities contact glitterdragazine@stellaactite.org or call 562-259-8381 to get pricing and don’t forget to ask about our sign up special !

  4. How did Satin Styles die? She used to perform up here in Sacramento and I can’t find anyone to contact about her where she is buried and how she died.

  5. Thank you so much for sending such amazing recognition. It’s an honor, truly is. – Cielo Whitney

  6. Thanks for including me! XX Eileen Dover!

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