Miss Funky Skunk (Funky Skunk Nite Club – Warren, Ohio)

Miss Funky Skunk is a bar title for the Funky Skunk Nite Club in Warren, Ohio.  For more information on the club visit them on Myspace or Facebook.

A special thanks goes to Willy Adams who helped provide the history for this page.

Title Holders of Miss Funky Skunk

Chi Chi Colecki

Chi Chi Colecki – Miss Funky Skunk 2010

Britney Cheers

Britney Cheers – Miss Funky Skunk 2009

Akasha O’Hara Lords – Miss Funky Skunk 2008

Pageant not held in 2007

Wilamenia Josafenia

Wilamenia Josafenia – Miss Funky Skunk 2006

Ashley Simone

Ashley Simone – Miss Funky Skunk 2005

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