Miss Gay Muncie

Miss Gay Muncie became a direct prelim to Miss Gay Indiana in 2008.  Prior to this, it was a city pageant and was a prelim to Miss Gay Indiana America through 2005 when the state pageant separated itself from the Miss Gay America organization.

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Miss Gay Muncie America and Miss Gay Muncie Titleholders

Miss Gay Muncie America Titleholders

*** In Loving Memory

Miss Gay Muncie Titleholders

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Miss Gay Indiana University

Miss Gay Indiana University Titleholders

Miss Gay Indiana University Titleholders

The Lady T Tempest

The Lady T Tempest

The Lady T Tempest

The Lady T Tempest is a living legend out of Detroit, Michigan.  Her first show was in 1976 when she performed “Don’t Leave Me This Way” and she was famous for perfomance of “You Came Along Way From St. Louis”.

The Lady T Tempest has had held to many titles to mention but her proudest moment was winn Miss Gigi’s in 1983 and then wenning Miss Gigi’s Classic in 2001.  At the age when most people think about retiring, she is still apart of the Gigi’s house cast at the age of 64 and has no plans to ever stop doing shows.

She is “MA” to most of the Detroit Girls, “GRANNY” to some, “GREAT GRANNY” to others…. but to Detroit she is the LIVING LEGEND which is why she has won 3 lifetime achievement awards.  She is THE LADY T TEMPEST.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gigi’s Classic 2001
(Gigi’s – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Gigi’s 1983
(Gigi’s – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Ruby’s Flaming Star 1982
(Ruby’s Flaming Star – Detroit, Michigan)