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Play Ads – August 2017

Below are August 2017 ads for Play (Louisville, Kentucky).

Misty Stevens

Misty Stevens is an entertainer in Kirkland, Washington.  She started performing in 1971 in Asheville, North Carolina.  Misty considers the… read more Misty Stevens

Cow Pattie

Cow Pattie is an entertainer from Louisville, Kentucky where she is very active in local charities and th local Pride… read more Cow Pattie

Bejon St. James

Bejon St. James is an entertainer from Louisville, Kentucky.  Also just known as Lady Bejon she is a featured performer… read more Bejon St. James

Savannah Van Sandt

Savannah Van Sandt is an entertainer from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Christian Hayes

Christian Hayes is a male impersonator and entertainer from Kentucky where he has been featured at places like Pulse in… read more Christian Hayes

Zoe Kohl

Zoe Kohl is an entertainer from Kentucky. ——————————— Visit Zoe on Myspace

Akasha Uravitch

Accomplishments Miss Equals 2009 Equals Bar – Owensboro, Kentucky