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Fajita Marinara

Fajita Marinara is an entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia.   She started performing in 1993 where she got her start as a… read more Fajita Marinara

Jewel Holiday

Jewel Holiday is an entertainer from the Atlanta, Georgia area. Accomplishments 1st Alternate to Miss Gay Georgia USofA Classic 2009… read more Jewel Holiday

Ten Atlanta Ads – January 2019

Below are January 2019 ads for Ten Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia).

Zoe Sims

Zoe Sims is an entertainer out of Savannah, Georgia where she is featured at at Club One. Accomplishments Miss Savannah… read more Zoe Sims

Maxine Blue

Maxine Blue is an entertainer out of Atlanta, Georgia.  She has been featured at places like Sadore’s Restaurant & Lounge… read more Maxine Blue

Adara Andrews

Adara Andrews is an entertainer from Columbus, Georgia. ——————————————— Visit Adara on Facebook or Myspace.

Wild Cherry Sucret

Wild Cherry Sucret is an entertainer in Atlanta, Georgia where she is a member of the Armorettes that raises money… read more Wild Cherry Sucret

Ruby Redd

Ruby Redd is an entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia where she has perfomed at places like Blake’s on the Park and… read more Ruby Redd

Deanna Rose

Deanna Rose is an entertainer living in Atlanta, Georgia. ———————————————————— Visit Deanna on Myspace.

Seduction St. James

Seduction St. James is an entertainer currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. She originally got her start in 2005 working at… read more Seduction St. James

Knomie Moore

Knomie Moore is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been featured in various bars throughout the city. Known for her camp… read more Knomie Moore

Adrianna Adams

Adrianna Adams is from the Savannah, Georgia area and is the drag daughter of Felicia Adams. Adrianna started performing in… read more Adrianna Adams

Captured Moments with Chrishawn Starr

Below are some captured moments with Chrishawn Starr…