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Joan Jullian
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Joan Jullian

Joan Jullian is an entertainer from Spain now residing in Chicago, Illinois. Titles and Awards Miss Glamorous 2021 1st Alternate… read more Joan Jullian

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Vanity Case

Vanity Case is an entertainer out of┬áLas Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. ┬áVanity is featured at Ricky’s Cabaret Bar in… read more Vanity Case

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Sheila Blige

Sheila Blige is an entertainer from Benidorm, Spain where she is featured at places like Klee Kafee where she is… read more Sheila Blige

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Kandi Balls

Kandi Balls is an entertainer who has performed at places like Klee Kafee, Sandra’s Night Club and Queens which are… read more Kandi Balls

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Carlos Luna

Carlos Luna is an entertainer from Valencia, Spain. —————————————— Visit Carolos on Mysapce.