Felix “Big Fee” Correa

Felix "Big Fee" Correa
Felix “Big Fee” Correa

Feliz “Big Fee” Correa is an entertainer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Mr. Big & Sexy 2014

Mr. Gay United States at Large 2013

Americas Mr. Elite 2013

Mr. Gay USofA at Large 2011

Mr. Gay Wisconsin USofA at Large 2011
Prelim to Mr. Gay USofA Large

Mr. Addicted to Glamour 2011

Mr. International, Inc. 2011

Mr. Unlimited at Large 2009
(Title was originally Mr. Gay USA at Large)

Mr. Unlimited Bear 2007

Felix “Big Fee” Correa: Performance History

Some venues and events that Felix has been a part of include:


  • Springfield, Illinois — Club Station House

North Carolina

  • Hickory, North Carolina — Club Cabaret

South Carolina

  • Rock Hill, South Carolina — The Hide-A-Way


  • San Antonio, Texas — The Saint

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