Mirage Cruz

Mirage Cruz

Mirage Cruz

Mirage Cruz is an entertainer out of Baltimore, Maryland but has also called Raleigh, North Carolina home.


Mr. Gay United States 2017
Interview, Creative Formal Wear, On Stage Question and Talent Category Award

Mr. Gay Capital City United States 2017
Prelim to Mr. Gay United States

Mr. Capital Pride 2016

Mr. Gay East Coast United States 2016
Prelim to Mr. Gay United States

Mr. Gay Maryland United States 2015
Prelim to Mr. Gay United States

Mr. Quest 2014

1st Alternate to Mr. USA Unlimited 2013
Overall Interview Category Winner
(Masque Night Club – Dayton, Ohio)

Mr. Bronx Empire City 2013

Mr. Asbury Park 2013

Mr. North Carolina USA Unlimited 2012
Prelim to Mr. USA Unlimited

Mr. North East International Inc 2012

Mr. Wisconsin Unlimited 2011
Prelim to Mr. Unlimited

Mr. East Coast USA Unlimited 2009
Mr. Gay East Coast USA
Prelim to Mr. Gay USA Unlimited

Mr. Grand Central 2009

Mr. Club Bunns 2005

Mr. King of Baltimore Pride 2005

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Below is a May 14, 2011 show ad featuring Mirage at the Shelter Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Mirage Cruz

Mirage Cruz – 5/14/2011 Show Ad

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