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Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter is an entertainer who currently resides in Medina, Ohio. —————————————————— Visit Lauren on Myspace.

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Ivana Orgasm

Ivana Orgasm is a real girl drag queen from Youngstown, Ohio where she has been featured at places like Club… read more Ivana Orgasm

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Paradise Munroe

Paradise Munroe was an entertainer from Youngstown, Ohio where she was featured at places like Club Utopia.  In 2009, Paradise… read more Paradise Munroe

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Miss Sheila

Accomplishments Honorary Miss Gay Springfield America Prelim to Miss Gay Missouri America

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Camille Collins

Camille Collins is an entertainer in Minneapolis, Minnesota where for 19 years she was a featured entertainer at the Gay… read more Camille Collins

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Cookie Larue

Cookie Larue is an entertainer in Asheville, North Carolina where she  owns and operates her own club called Larues Backdoor… read more Cookie Larue

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Katrina Cass

Katrina Cass is an entertainer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she the show director of Hamburger Mary’s. ————————- Visit Katrina… read more Katrina Cass

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Feral Beral

Feral Beral is a drag performer from Melbourne, Australia where she has performed at many clubs and community events.  Feral… read more Feral Beral

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Kyree Myst

Kyree Myst is a DJ and performer in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she has been featured at Club Q. ————————-… read more Kyree Myst

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Mohogany Brown

Mohagany Brown is an entertainer from Boston, Massachusetts. ————————- Visit Mohogany on Myspace.

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Tonya LaTour

Known as the Temptress of Temptation, Tonya LaTour, is an entertainer from Tennessee. ————————- Visit Tonya on Myspace.

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Entertainer’s Directory – J

J J. Cardin Moore J Citi-Fresh J. Klass J Krawford J. Rob Jace Kempton Jace Michael James Jack Alan Jack… read more Entertainer’s Directory – J

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Lauren Mitchell

Accomplishments Miss Gay Maryland America 1997 Prelim to Miss Gay America

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Lorenzo Lickswell

Accomplishments Mr. Gay Colorado Springs 2008 Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Ariel Protege

Ariel Protege is an entertainer from the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  She is known for her illusions of Cyndi Lauper, Boy… read more Ariel Protege

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Madison Brooks

Madison Brooks is an entertainer in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area where she is an entertainer a featured performer at Fluid…. read more Madison Brooks

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Mia Dumar

Accomplishments Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA 2009 Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

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Monica Storm

Accomplishments Miss Gay Louisiana America 2003 Prelim to Miss Gay America

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Monique Marquette

Monique Marquette is an entertainer from the Chicago, Illinois area. Monique is a featured entertainer at Rumors in North Riverside,… read more Monique Marquette

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Naomi Black

Naomi Black is an entertainer from Norfolk, Virginia.  She has been featured at places like Klub Ambush in Virginia Beach,… read more Naomi Black