Jade St. Claire

Jade St. Claire
Jade St. Claire

Jade St. Claire is an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio.  Jade is a great supporter of charities having done several benefits for cancer, AIDS causes, and helping those in need.

As of 2012, Jade has celebrated over 20 years as entertainer.  Some of her inspirations over those years include Denise Russell, Georgia Jackson, Sonya Ross, Amailia Black, Brandy Lamont, Sassie DeHaven, Danyel Vasquez, Vivi Velure, Diamond Hunter, and the late Tara Richmond and Brazon.

Titles and Awards

Eternal Miss Electric Flag 2008

Miss Ozone 2007

Eternal Miss Twice as Nice 2003

Miss Club 2000 2000

Miss Wheeling 1999

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Some venues and events that Jade has been a part of include:

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