Harmony Breeze

Harmony Breeze
Harmony Breeze

Harmony Breeze, who is known as Wisconsin’s Plus Sized Barbie, currently resides in Milwaukee where she is featured at places like La Cage Niteclub.  Along with her partner Milano Breeze, she owns Glitter Stage Productions which produces gender bending shows throughout the Milwaukee area.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA 2015
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay Days 2014

1st Alternate to Miss Club Wisconsin 2013

Miss Players 2013
(Players – La Crosse, Wisconsin)

Miss Shelter Club Plus 2011
(Shelter Club – Green Bay, Wisconsin)

1st Alternate to Miss Unlimited at Large 2011

Miss Wisconsin Unlimited at Large 2011
Prelim to Miss Unlimited at Large

Miss Gay Cream City USofA 2010
Prelim to Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA

Some venues and events that Harmony has been a part of include:

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2015 – 2016 Show Ads Featuring Harmony

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