PT’s 1109 (Columbia, South Carolina)

PT's 1109 (Columbia, South Carolina)

PT’s 1109 is located at 1109 Assembly Street in Columbia, South Carolina.

PT’s 1109: Archives

PT’s 1109: The Location

Below is the address and map of the location:

1109 Assembly St.
Columbia, SC 29201

Below is a August 2009 street view of the property:

PT’s 1109: Entertainers Featured

Some entertainers who have been featured at PT’s 1109 include:

Anaya DeVore

Carla Cox

Dorae Saunders

Elaine DavisEva Dee Struction

Ivy Carter

KiKi DeVilleKyra Nicole Sedique

Lady La’PoodleLilli FrostLuscious

Patti O’Furniture

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