In Loving Memory of Monica Van Pelt

Monica Van Pelt - Photo by Just Toby
Monica Van Pelt – Photo by Just Toby

Monica Van Pelt was an entertainer out of Atlanta, Georgia. We sadly lost this amazing light in January of 2021. The loss of this legendary performer will leave a huge hole within the community where she is being remembered for helping many upcoming entertainers through the years. We salute the artistry that was Monica Van Pelt.

Titles and Awards

Miss Atlanta Grand Diva 2014

Miss National at Large 2001

Monica Van Pelt: Performance History

Some venues and events that Monica has been a part of include:


  • Atlanta, Georgia – BJ Roosters – Burkhart’s – Jungle – Lips – My Sister’s Room
  • Columbus, Georgia – Legends
  • Macon, Georgia – Kaos
  • Marietta, Georgia – Le Buzz
  • Monroe, Georgia – Fuzions


  • Dayton, Ohio – Masque


  • Chattanooga, Tennessee – Images

Monica Van Pelt: Links

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  1. Monica was a very wonderful person to work with. She always had her stuff together and get husband was always very helpful with any issues we may have encountered. She will be surely missed by many.

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