In Loving Memory of Eartha Quake

Eartha Quake - Photo by Steven Antonio
Eartha Quake – Photo by Steven Antonio

Eartha Quake was an entertainer out of Little Rock, Arkansas. We sadly lost Eartha in January of 2021 due to complications from Covid-19. Eartha was beloved in her home state but that love crossed borders as Eartha made an impact on all that she met across the country. Tributes flooding the internet describe her humor and how much she cared for others. We salute the artistry of Eartha Quake.

Titles and Awards

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Arkansas America 2019
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Miss Gay Little Rock America 2019
Prelim to Miss Gay Arkansas America

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Arkansas USofA 2017
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Kansas USofA Newcomer 2013
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Newcomer

*Eartha has also performed as Earth Quake and competed in the Mr. Gay USofA at Large pageant making the top five.

Eartha Quake: Tribute from Eartha’s Uncle

In Gratitude

I am the uncle of entertainer Eartha Quake. The death of a family member, or of any loved one, is a sad occasion; the loss of someone so young is especially tragic. The Our Community Roots tribute from a supportive and loving community honoring the memory of my nephew has touched me deeply, and I write to express my gratitude.

My first memories of my nephew are of him as a baby. He spent much of his childhood in my parents’ home. It was common for me to help my mother bathe him and feed him during my visits. I often took him for walks and remember that my mother, his grandmother, always took the time to coordinate his clothing and bib. Although he grew up to be taller than me, I remember the sweet and good-natured baby who was the center of his grandmother’s world. He went through a period of brattiness, but that ended as he matured. It does not surprise me that his friends and colleagues thought highly of him, for he became an adult with admirable qualities. As his grandmother’s health declined, I saw him treat her with kindness and patience—and not everyone has the warmth to be good to those who need special assistance.

The photographs and information included in the tribute were a revelation. They introduced endeavors and accomplishments of my nephew that were previously unknown to me. Viewing the images led me to experience waves of emotion. I felt sorrow, of course, but there was also surprise at only now learning of something that clearly was an important part of my nephew’s life. The photos displayed creativity, panache, and wit—and I was amazed. Frankly, I had to admire the artistry. I saw courage in the commitment to work toward his dream and be himself—especially when others might be dismissive and judgmental. Although I never had a chance to tell him, that kind of courage makes me proud of him. Most of all, I felt gratitude. I am glad that my nephew enjoyed the support and love of an accepting community—and I am thankful for that.

Humans are social beings. No matter how independent we are, we all need to belong. It is obvious to me that my nephew had the good fortune to find belonging, acceptance, and love. The tribute honoring his memory was posted the very day of his passing. That spontaneous and sincere expression is evidence of love that enriches life, and that any of us would be blessed to know. To the friends and colleagues of Eartha Quake, the community that became a family for Eartha, while I may never know any of you, I am profoundly grateful to you for adding such richness to my nephew’s life. The only comfort I feel at this moment is in recognizing that my nephew belonged; for that comfort, I thank you.

M. Faucette, Ph.D.

Copyright © 2021 by M. Faucette. All rights reserved.

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