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Jill-Ette Knicks
Jill-Ette Knicks

Jill-Ette Knicks was the illusion of Cory Good and was an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio where he was featured at places like Southbend Tavern, Toolbox Saloon and Wall Street Night Club.  Before Jill-Ette was created though he entertained us on stages as Cory.

Sadly, the Columbus community lost Cory in June of 2015 after a courageous battle of cancer.  Our heart goes out to all that knew and loved him. We salute the artistry that was Jill-Ette Knicks.

Tribute for Cory Good

I would like to send out lots of love and light to the partner, friends and family of Cory Good who lost his battle to cancer on Sunday, June 14th 2015. The thing I think I loved most about Cory is that he was always reinventing himself! He was creative, hard working and devoted to the work that he put out. The pageant systems, venues and people that Cory supported are better because of his contributions. The awards and accolades he received for his work as a promoter were so well deserved. While a lot of my memories of Cory were more from a few years ago and scattered in more recent years, I will remember someone who was a stinker at times but at the root was there for the people in his life to the max. I am glad that we had some spontaneous trips and experiences together. I am happy that some of the sweet and mischievous parts of Cory was captured in a photo booth we were in on a hot summer day when I was just getting to know him. Most of all, I am happy that Cory invited me to see and be a part of his creative process and that I got to know him beyond the bar and show ads. Cory was an incredible gift to so many in the community and his loss will be felt by all those who got know him! I love you Cory! Rest in Peace!  – Nick Anthony

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