In Loving Memory of Lawren LaMoore

Lawren LaMoore
Lawren LaMoore

Lawren LaMoore was artistry of Chip Adams and was an entertainer from Lexington, Kentucky. Incredibly talented, Lawren was the emeritus titleholder to the All American Goddess at Large pageant system. We sadly lost this amazing entertainer in March of 2020. We salute the artistry that was Lawren LaMoore.

Titles and Awards

Miss Cincinnati Gay Pride 2012
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Gay Lexington 2011

Miss Gay Arkansas USofA at Large 2010
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA at Large

Miss Bar Complex 2010
(Bar Complex – Lexington, Kentucky)

All American Goddess at Large 2009

Miss Old Street Saloon 2008
(Old Street Saloon – Monroe, Ohio)

Lawren LaMoore: Archives

Lawren LaMoore: Performance History

Some venues and events that Lawren has been a part of include:


  • Lexington, Kentucky – Bar Complex



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