Kamarion Lavish

Kamarion Lavish
Kamarion Lavish

Kamarion Lavish, who has also performed under the name KaMarion Lord St. James Hilton, is entertainer out of Tampa, Florida but has also called Prattville, Alabama home.

Titles and Awards

Mr. Sawmill 2022
(Sawmill Camping Resort – Dade City, Florida)

Mr. Duval Newcomer 2015

Mr. Florida Wessland Newcomer 2015
Prelim to Mr. Wessland Newcomer

Mr. Dumarr International Newcomer 2015

Mr. Azalea International Newcomer 2014

Mr. Panhandle International Newcomer 2014

Mr. Phoenix International Newcomer 2012

Some venues and events that Kamarion has been a part of include:


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