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Lady Bunny
Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny is an entertainer from New York City, New York.

With her glitzy outfits, sky-high wigs, and false eyelashes long enough to to embarrass even Tammy Faye Bakker, multi-talented drag artiste Lady Bunny would turn heads even if looking glamorous was her only talent.  But this isn’t just another man in a dress:  Bunny is a successful comedienne, emcee, singer, songwriter, actress, DJ, and most famously, the founder, organizer, and hostess of Wigstock, the outrageous festival of drag and music that delighted up to 40,000 New Yorkers every Labor Day for nearly 20 years.

She tours constantly, bringing down the house from Cincinnati to Tel Aviv with her bawdy, Dusty Springfield-meets-Don-Rickles mix of potty-mouthed humor, Southern charm, zany “Laugh-In”-style skits, and X-rated pop song parodies.  Bunny has emceed events ranging from Absolut Vodka corporate parties to Los Angeles’ 2003 Gay Pride parade and has shared the stage with Cyndi Lauper, k.d. lang, and the B-52’s.

She’s also made the leap to television and movies, with cameo appearances in HBO’s “Sex and the City”; Britney Spears’ MTV special “In the Zone and Up All Night” and the films Dragtime, Party Girl, and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.  Bunny also DJs at fashion industry parties and society events around the globe; has collaborated as a singer and songwriter with the likes of Lady Miss Kier and The Ones; and is a frequent cultural commentator for magazines such as Visionaire and Interview, as well as a talking head for TV networks like E! and VH1 (look for her on the upcoming “Heroes and Bad Taste”).  Talented, glamorous, and funny as hell, The “Lady” Bunny is a glittering comet hurling towards planet Show Biz.  Brace yourself for impact.

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