In Loving Memory of Jasmine Knight

Jasmine Knight
Jasmine Knight

Jasmine Knight was an entertainer from Columbus, Ohio but performed all over the country. She passed away on January 26, 2006 in her sleep. We wish all of her friends and family, especially her mother, our deepest condolences.  A benefit for Jasmine’s family was held on Sunday, January 29th 2006 at Axis Night Club.

Jasmine was known as a legend to many in the industry and everyone that knew her, knew how much she enjoyed performing. She was regular cast member at Wall Street Night Club, Axis Night Club, and Havana Video Lounge all in Columbus.

Jasmine also lived in the Charlotte, North Carolina area briefly doing local pageants and performed at Club Mythos.  She had won several titles over the years. She has also placed in the top at both Miss Continental and National Entertainer of the Year.

Titles and Awards

1st Alternate to Miss Missouri Continental 2005
Prelim to Miss Continental

1st Alternate to Ohio Entertainer of the Year, F.I. 2005
Prelim to National Entertainer of the Year, F.I.

Miss Metropolitan Continental 2004
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Bounce 2004
(Bounce Night Club – Cleveland, Ohio)

Miss Sunshine State Continental 2003
Prelim to Miss Continental

1st Alternate to Miss Metropolitan Continental 2002
Prelim to Miss Continental

North Carolina Entertainer of the Year, F.I. 1999
Prelim to National Entertainer of the Year, F.I.

Miss Gay Columbus USofA 1993
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA

Top Ten at National Entertainer of the Year, F.I. 1993

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Jasmine Knight: Condolences

Starmite Productions and the entire Ohio USof A family mourns the passing of Jasmine Knight. Her incredible talent and courage was an example for everyone. She will be missed and remembered by all of us. Please join us in praying for her family and friends. — Skip Mackall

Jasmine will be missed by many, she has been a great asset to the drag community in her performance. I remember her as far back as Sizzling Sundays at Wall Street and her energetic dance and her back flips not to mention much she loved being a female illusionist. Her Mother and the rest of her family will be in all our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I hope Jasmine will be in a place where she can be a much happier person and be free to be who she always wanted to be. — Selma Love

Jasmine was a lovely, caring and funny person who will be sorely missed. She’ll be in my thoughts… — Sherry Dribble Lipz

She will be missed. Jasmine influenced many performers over the years, including myself. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family. — Mary Margaret O’Malley

She has been focused on her health for a long time now. She had passed out on stage competing for continental this year in Chicago. She never gave up or let doing what she loved to do distract her. It’s so sad to see her gone now 🙁 — Andy Y.

Jasmine was a legend in Columbus and has been in the top 10 at EOY and Continental. Please keeep her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers… May God Bless her and her memory. — Erika Evans

It is with great sadness that we at Super Drag Queen hear of the loss of sister and friend, Jasmine Knight. She was one of Columbus’ most talented and unique performers who held herself and others to a high standard of excellence and quality. My heart goes out to her family and her friends in the news of this loss. No one will work as hard as she did at her art and there will never be anyone like her again.  ## My personal story of Jasmine Knight goes back almost eight years ago when she came out to my small college town to put on a show. I had never really seen anything like her before. She came bursting out from behind that curtain with energy and glamour. Little did I know that three short years later, she would be a presence in my life. At this time, I had started the journey into the world of female illusion and drag. Jasmine had become very close to my dear friend Virginia, and in turn, committed herself to evolving me into a better performer. She always said she saw my talent but that I was just “a little rough around the edges.” In 2002, much to her insistence, I competed in Miss Strap On Your Pumps. Jasmine, Virginia , and I stayed up late into the night prior to the pageant. Jasmine made my first costume. It was a flower dress.  ## Jasmine also was the one who told me that I had to stop relying on Virginia to paint my face! 🙂 It was at The Virginia Monologues. She said, “look, you are never going to learn unless you do it yourself. I will do one eye and you can mimic it. And if it looks bad, I will clean it.” Since that night, I have been doing my own face. Thank you, Jasmine. ## We had a lot of conversations as friends do. Ours ranged from showtunes and Broadway shows to the dish on our favorite celebrities to catching up on our reality shows together. And sometimes they were more personal of nature. They were all special in their own way.  ## And say what you want about Jasmine Knight. Some people loved her, some people hated her. With Jasmine, you always knew what you were getting. She was a perfectionist. She was a visionary. She paved the way for so many after her.  ## I will never forget the time I spent with Miss Jasmine Knight. You will be missed. — Nina West of

It is definitely a sad day, in the world of Entertainment. Jasmine was a truly talented, and genuine person who will be missed. — Kylie

Jasmine Knight Touched My heart for the first time at Ohio USofA two years ago. A fierce competitor, a fabulous entertainer, a beautiful Lady, and most of all a shining example. She had a moment for all of the newcomers, she helped where she could, and she wasnt afraid to stand up, even to her best friends, for what she thought was right. I will always remember her as someone who kept my faith in the female illusionist art form going. My thoughts are with her family, her friends, and those other performers who she has touched. She will be missed. — National Holiday

May God bless Jasmine Knight and her family. — Big Logan

My thoughts are with Jasmine’s friends and family. She truly was an inspiration to many new quees that were up and comming. Year after year she would compete at most of the state competitions. She will always have a place in my heart as a friend and fantastic rep as the first runner up for Ohio EOY 2005. Jasmine… will always be in my heart, and whenever I feel as I want to give up, I will remember your strength and determination to keep going. — Anthony Nagy

I had the opportunity to spend the entire Continental weekend with Jasmine this past year, as well as many other occasions in the past…..I can truly say that Jasmine will be missed. — Ra’Chelle Moore

What a sad loss, I’m sure everyone that knew her will mourn the loss. My prayers are with her family and friends. — DJ Denny P

I have to say that I am very very saddened to hear about the passing of Jasmine. This year at Continental…I got to share a room with Jazz and learned a great deal about her as well as gain a great new respect for her and her art form. A lot of people would say….why didn’t she just stop doing drag and try to concentrate on her health…….But according to her….she would never stop doing the one thing that made her happy and excited……she graced many pageantry systems with confidence and was among the top 10 several times. In rememberance of you Jasmine!!!!!  Go and be amongst the angels!!!!! Spread your wings and get ready for your shows in the heavens!!!! Take your place among all of the wonderful entertainers that have gone before you and put on one hell of a show!!! Even though you have wings now girl….you must still do 2 somersaults…3 backflips and the land into a chinese split, then get up and do a triple salchow into a triple lutz!!! Now that’s sickning!!!!!! — KiArra Cartier Fontaine

On behalf of Angel Productions I would like to send my condolences to Jasmine’s family and friends in this time of grief. I knew Jasmine for many years….way back to the first couple years I promoted in the Ohio USofA system. But I think the two best memories that I have are Miss Columbus USofA 2000, Jasmine was first alt to Erica Martinez, and Miss Ohio EOY 2005…. Jasmine, thank you for your many years of hard work and dedication to the artform that you loved so dearly. I hope that you are at rest now and enjoying eternal life!!! — John

i remember runnin with her at ohio us of a my first year and she was great she helped me when no one could or would than i work with her at a show and let me say she put on a show i will miss her even know i didn’t know her that well but i well miss the times i did know her…. — Tatiana James

The Miss Gay Ohio America Family would like to send there Condolences and prayers for all the friends and family of Jasmine Knight. Jasmine was a wonderful entertainer, competitor, and friend. She was a great supporter of the Ohio America system by helping many a contestant on the preliminary, state and national level. She will be dearly missed. C.M. Schumacher Jerry Baer, and the Miss Gay Ohio Board have all family and friends in their prayers. On a personal note. I have known Jasmine for years and had the chance to know the person behind the Entertainer and will mis her. Not only was she a great entertainer but a great person. Ohio Has lost another legend within it’s wonderful entertainment community! -Joey Wynters

My first view of Jasmine Knight came watching videos when I first started going out to clubs and was interested in doing drag. That girl was a flipping fool in them EOY vidoes, LOL! I remembered competing with her at Miss Ohio US of A when I was a Peon, well I am still a peon…and that girl know she can put on a game face… I dropped her off a couple of times while clubbing in Columbus, and this is where the real Jasmine was revealed to me. While she may appeared to be crass, unsympathetic, and focused, the person I became to know was a human, suffering from many toils, most of which we talked about at length and in great detail. The bond was solidified when she dressed me at Miss Ohio America the year I placed 2nd alternate…I was the 1st person she dressed that lost, LOL, and she was more upset than I was. She taught me a lot about the handling of American Flags since she was in the Military, and I learned so much more about my talent. Giving me modeling tips, things about makeup, I actually started using one of them finally and it has actually worked… Connecting with people on a personal level, I am so saddended to hear of the loss of another person in the art form. She publicly acknowledged her battle with HIV/AIDS, and she waged her battle the best way she could; Now her battle is over, she has fought the good fight, and I pray that she rest in peace, as death brings us relief from the sufferings of the World. The community embraces those who do not hide behind shells, and are better able to understand, even if it is just a glimpse, what make us tick; I hope we can be more embracing of the debasing HIV/AIDS has done to our community; to the point where we can say it, just as Jasmine said it. I will miss you big sister, thanks for the good memories, what few they were. –Symphony Alexander

To Jasmine Family & Friends , I will pray for all of you. Jasmine was a very nice person , She was my friend and I am so heart broken over this news. — Ginger Manchester

it is always sad to hear of anyone in the gay community passing and its never up to us but the lord jesus christ, we do not have a time set here but believe me god will take care of jasmine and her family and i send my deepest heart filled thoughts and loving words to you all rather it be family or not. — Towana

I met her in Ohio when I went up there Ohio USofA. She was the sweetest soul…My prayers are with her, her family and friends…. — Sexyricanboi

This is very Sad News …. I met Jasmine back in 97 what a Sweetheart she was and very talented to boot…. She did very well in several systems and always stood out. Bless her heart…….she will be Missed by all. — Jon Lopez

How sad this news is…. My condolences to her friends and family. — Shawn Batton

OMG She used to stay here in NC…I used to love to see her do her chourse line talent……wow….I send my blessings… — Arabia Knight Addams

It weighs heavy on my heart that we have lost another kind spirit like Miss Jasmine Knight. She was a wonderful entertainer and person and I will miss her. My condolences go out to her friends and family in their time of loss. — Jazmyn Taylor

Condolences go out to Jasmine Knight’s family & friends. May God be with all of you in your time of bereavement. I remember seeing Jasmine Knight in September at Miss Continental 2005 pageant. — Jaila Lord-Paris

This is very SAD!! I have known Jasmine Knight for many many years now. My heart goes out to her family and she will remain in my prayers. — Caress

May Jasmine’s family find comfort and peace in their time of loss and sorrow. The female impersonation community has lost another of it’s many brightly shining STARS.
–Mia Landon

We are very sad to hear the news of Miss Jasmine Knight’s passing. She went to Continental as our 1st Alternate only missing our title by one point in our preliminary. Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are with her mother and family. She surely was a talent to be reckoned with and she was a trooper till the end. The Missouri Continental family will always keep her name alive as our representative at the national pageant, her final time on stage. Rest well, Miss Jasmine and party with all the girls that have gone before you. You have a very stellar show cast to join in Heaven. — Joe Bradley

This is truly a a great loss. I admired Jasmine so much for working hard and, throughout it all, continuing to pursue her dreams. This was never more apparent than this year at Miss Continental. I will always remember her amazing abilities as a dancer. The year that Erika Norrell won, when she flipped into her group of dancers she had the audience in a frenzy! I will also always remember seeing her mother by her side every year that she competed with her “Jasmine Knight” t-shirt. Rest in peace, angel! — Lex

I am so sorry to hear this. Jasmine worked for us at the PHouse a couple of times and was also a contestant in a couple of my preliminary pagaents that I held. I always found her to be focused and humble. My prayers go out to her family. She will be missed greatly!! — Bob Taylor

I am sad about Jamine , She was a great dancer & cool girl. My prayers go out to her family & friends. — Bobbie M

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Jasmine Knight
In Loving Memory of Jasmine Knight
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