In Loving Memory of Tina Wells

Tina Wells
Tina Wells

Tina Wells was a well loved entertainer out of Detroit, Michigan. She has the distinct honor of being the only entertainer to hold the titles of both Mr. Gigi’s and Miss Gigi’s as well as Mr. Gay Detroit and Miss Gay Detroit.

Titles and Awards

Miss Club Gold Coast 1993
(Club Gold Coast – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Michigan Continental 1992
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Gay Detroit 1991

Miss Footlights 1990
(Footlights – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Gigi’s 1990
(Gigi’s Cabaret – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Leather International 1985

Miss Club Incognito 1984
(Club Incognito – Detroit, Michigan)

Tina Wells: Performance History

Some venues and events that Tina has been a part of include:

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