Harmony Nyte

Harmony Nyte
Harmony Nyte

Harmony Nyte is an entertainer out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Lonestar USofA Newcomer 2019
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Newcomer

Miss Oklahoma Bold & Beautiful 2018

Miss XY 2017
(XY Bar – Wichita, Kansas)

Miss Gay Wichita 2017

Miss Boomerang 2015
(Club Boomerang – Wichita, Kansas)

Miss Wichita Pride 2015

Harmony Nyte: Photo and Pageant History Archives

Harmony Nyte: Performance History

Some events and venues that Harmony has been part of include:

  • Kansas
    • Wichita: Club Boomerang – XY Bar
  • Oklahoma

Harmony Nyte: Additional Notes

*Harmony has also went by the name of Harmony Nyte Carmichael.

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